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We've put together a knowledge base of all things bathrooms using our decades of industry experience in Essex as luxury bathroom fitters to keep you informed and help you to make the best choice for your home.

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Choosing the right type of bath, basin, shower enclosure, toilet, or even the right tap, can turn a nice bathroom into your dream bathroom. This section aims to provide you with a solid explanation of all the common varieties of bathroom furniture and appliances, as well as guidance on how to choose one that suits the style of your bathroom renovation. Feel free to click on the links and images below to dive deep into each section and learn more.


Often the centrepiece of any new bathroom install, the bath can be anything from a simple, functional appliance to a luxury, whirlpool experience, depending on your preference. You may choose a stand-alone bath if you like long, relaxing soaks to de-stress or a combination shower/bath combo if you've got limited space to work with. Learn more about the different kinds of baths we've installed over the years in Essex here.


We stock a wide variety of basins in our Hadleigh bathroom showroom, from counter-top to pedestal-style basins; we've got lots on display. Regardless of what bathroom style you're going for with your latest bathroom renovation, we can help you make the right decision and support you with our knowledgeable supply and fit instal team. Discover more about the styles of basins that are available here.


Choosing the right kind of shower is truly important for any new bathroom design. There are ultra-modern, innovative, eco-friendly solutions for minimising your water consumption and integrating with other smart-home appliances. Alternatively, you can go for a more traditional thermostatic single or dual-outlet shower, depending on how you like to shower. Depending on your home's water pressure, you may also choose to go for an electric shower. We're bathroom renovation experts and have on-staff plumbers who will be able to ensure you have a reliable and safe showering experience for years to come. Learn more about the showers that are available for your bathroom here!

Shower Enclosures

Modern shower enclosures can be customised to ensure the perfect fit for your bathroom. Depending on your requirements, you can go for a traditional square enclosure; through to a modern wet-room style setup with a more open-plan design. Our Essex bathroom showroom has an extensive range of shower enclosures from top brands like Impey and Merlyn. Discover the Shower Enclosures we offer here.


We can install any toilet, from close-coupled, back to the wall, through to wall-hung toilets. We've got a wide range of specialist suppliers who can supply toilets to fit any bathroom style, from a vintage style design to contemporary and modern styles. Learn more about how to save space in your bathroom with your toilet choice here.


Taps are more than just a finishing touch in your bathroom. They're the main thing you touch in your bathroom, so you must make the right choice when you do your bathroom design. A modern trend is to have wall-mounted taps to save space on your basin and deliver an elegant look. A traditional approach is to go for a freestanding brass or gold tap with a mixer tap. Learn more here.


Tiles are often considered an aesthetic part of your bathroom installation, but in reality, they're an essential structural element as they keep moisture and dirt away from your walls. Some tiles are also harder to care for than others, so we've used our years of experience as bathroom fitters in Essex to build this ultimate guide to bathroom tiles. Discover your dream tile here.


Choosing the right flooring is the key to ensuring the longevity of a bathroom installation. It also can be crucial in establishing the bathroom's aesthetic, as many choices are available to complement or contrast your wall/covering choices.

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